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EECON 2018 Thoughts

Hear thoughts on EECON 2018 from attendees at EECON 2017!

Speaker Spotlight

We are delighted to bring you EECON 2018 Speaker Spotlights.

EECON 2018 Conference Dinner & Energy Excellence Awards

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Welcome to EESA's National Electric Energy
Conference 2018

The Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) takes great pleasure in inviting you to EECON 2018 at the Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane on 5 & 6 April 2018.

Our 2018 conference theme is “Connected Futures – The power of working together”

EECON 2018 will bring industry leaders to Brisbane to share the rapid developments impacting electricity participants from market operators to through to customers.  This conference continues the discussion from EECON 2017 in Melbourne and examines industry and customer developments in adopting and integrating technologies to deliver sustainable, affordable and reliable energy.  The need for all segments of the industry to work together to deliver these outcomes for the benefit of all stakeholders will be explored.

We are expecting more than 200 delegates from all aspect of the value chain across Australia and overseas during the 2018 Commonwealth Games period. We commence our conference on Thursday 5 April, the day after the Opening Ceremony and

conclude on Friday 6 April with time to enjoy Brisbane and surrounds as well as catch a few Commonwealth Games events.

Please come and join us in Brisbane and contribute to the developments in collaboration within the energy industry as it progresses towards improved outcomes for all participants through working together.  We plan to showcase and share the benefits to customers through this collaboration.

The conference will include senior industry speakers, special guests with two streams: one focused on technical developments and integration for generation and network applications and the other on customer applications their integration into networks and market operation.

We look forward to seeing you at EECON 2018.


  • Robert-Barr
    Dr Robert Barr AM

    EESA National President  EESA

  • Kim photo
    Kim Boyd

    EECON 2018  Conference Chair  - QLD Chapter Chair


EECON Speaker Spotlight - Belinda Kinkead

We are delighted to bring you the first EECON speaker spotlight for 2018 – Kicking off with Belinda Kinkead, Australian Director of the ground breaking new company LO3.

Tell us about your company, LO3. How did LO3 make the move from Brooklyn to Australia?

It was serendipitous. I’d worked in London for quite some time before moving back to Australia, continuing my work in climate finance consulting. A chance meeting with one of my former directors in London led me to hearing about the work of LO3, an innovative US company focussed on community microgrids and local energy marketplaces. They were looking to expand, and Australia was just getting off the ground – I stepped in to lead the new Australian division. And here we are!

Why Australia?

Essentially, LO3 offers a platform that uses a market, or price signals, to most efficiently organise the generation, consumption, transportation and storage of energy. A few things make Australia an ideal market: high electricity tariffs, lots of distributed generation, and the need to integrate distributed generation for overall system security. Ultimately, better coordination through a platform like ours will see communities becoming self-serving.

Is block chain part of this?

It is, but it’s just one aspect of the LO3 concept. We see blockchain as an enabling tool – the speed, transparency and security make it quite attractive and able to cope with the potentially huge volume of transactions taking place.


EECON Speaker Spotlight #2 -
Martin Van Der Linde, Noja Power

Our next speaker spotlight on Martin van der Linde, Global Marketing Manager at NOJA Power!  NOJA is a very successful Queensland-based medium voltage switchgear company.

Martin, tell us about what attracted you to NOJA Power in your role as Global Marketing Manager.

I worked as an electrical engineer for a few years, and whilst it was great to solve individual energy challenges, working on engineering projects overseas and learning of the wider industry issues inspired me to take on a broader Marketing role. NOJA Power has been exceptional in supporting energy reliability in 86 countries today through our technology products.

In your experience, what’s the key to creating an innovative culture at NOJA Power?

I think one of the major keys is collaboration with our end users around the world. By working alongside our industry partners, we can anticipate future challenges and accurately drive our innovation.

You're talking about Distribution Switchgear Evolution: Deploying Synchrophasors in MV Reclosers. What were the drivers for the project?

With the emergence of distributed generation and a push for microgrids, we need to evolve our protection and SCADA to address these challenges.


EECON Speaker Spotlight #3 -
Felicity Galluzzo, Citipower Powercor

This week, we hear from Felicity Galluzzo, Manager of CitiPower and Powercor's Urban Program.

Tell us about your role with Powercor.

I oversee approximately 70 technical staff responsible for overhead, underground and distribution substation design, and project management of customer projects across the CitiPower and Powercor networks in greater Melbourne.  Urban development and major infrastructure projects are booming across Melbourne at the moment and these often require some level of augmentation of our electricity networks, so it is incredibly busy at the moment. I am currently dedicated to a strategic project focussed on how we can improve delivery and timeframes for customer initiated works.

What are you speaking about at EECON?

I am excited to be focusing on customers.  For too long our industry has been very network-centric and this has at times resulted in an internal focus that forgets why the network exists.  The network is not here for our technical fascination… it is the means through which we deliver essential services to our customers and communities.  Energy is very politicised at the moment and so it’s also important for us to bring truth and transparency to the national discussion for the benefit of our customers.


EECON Speaker Spotlight #4 - Hakan Johansson eQUALS Power AB

This week, we are delighted to delve into detail on one of our keynote speakers, Hakan Johansson.
Based in Sweden and travelling out to Australia in April, Håkan will give a global perspective on a
whole host of topics, including how he sees the future customer role, active consumers, transactive
trading, grid parity and micro grids – as well as the effect that this will have on traditional power
Following an extensive career with ABB, Håkan founded his own company, eQUALS Power AB in
September 2017. An internationally renowned expert, Håkan has been involved in the design,
development and implementation of most of ABB’s innovative and sustainable Smart Grid projects.
Currently, his projects span Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
At EECON 2018, Håkan will be speaking about both the market and the technology, and how things
will change in the coming 5, 10 and 20 years. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear an international,
holistic perspective – register now at www.eecon2018.com.au.